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Japan: The land where time stood still yet moved on

High-tech toilets, fancy architecture and bullet trains are just some of the things showing us that Japan is and will be part of the future.


1000-yeal-old traditions and rituals are still a part of their everyday life as well.

And now I just realized – 8 months later – that this post has never been posted. I know longer remember what I wanted to write, so I guess I will let this be it.

I can however add this – Japan has mesmerized me. I haven’t finished exploring, and I don’t think I ever will. I want to go to the area around Nagano so badly, and I want to go to the two southern islands as well. And so many other places. I am madly deeply in love with this country – the quirkiness and the wonderful nature!


Vivi in Japan


Today I went out and about and things have changed a bit. I mean, all of the things written underneath are still important and part of everyday life here. BUT I need to add something.

  • Today I saw my first public bin. How they manage to keep Tokyo so clean without any public bins is a mystery to me. But somehow they do.
  • The city is really helpful to homeless people. I went to a park today, and boxes had been placed all around. – Boxes for them to sleep on and in. A nice thought in a weird way!
  • And the last thing – I’m running around looking like I’m about to cry constantly. My eyes are red and sore from allergies. Either grass season is peaking in Japan right now or they have some sort of (to me) unknown flower that causes this. And fyi I’m sleeping in a down duvet and with a down pillow. In a hostel. Who would have thought? So that’s causing a bit of allergies as well. Good thing I brought a lot of allergy tablets. 🙂 I am now in a desperate need of fresh air, so I think I’ll go to Mt. Fuji area tomorrow. Just to have a look. Apparently there is a nice scenery just north of the mountain, so hopefully that’s where you’ll find me – if I manage when all the signs hardly ever are in English!


This is my first time in Japan, and here are some of my first impressions:

  • Is going to the toilet taboo? If that’s not the reason, why do their toilets play flushing sounds when telling them to.
  • Not wearing shoes. It’s actually really nice but also kind of weird having to leave your shoes at the entrance to the hostel.
  • Prices. Cheese and fruit are things that are extremely expensive to buy. I found a cream cheese that costs 7 times more here than in Denmark. And melons – don’t even get me started with the melons. Oy!
  • Bowing. Everyone bows. People when greeting, the lady taking our order in restaurants, the people at the hostel. Everyone! I still feel awkward doing it, but I do it anyway.
  • People. A LOT! I went to Shibuya which is like the most busy crossing in the world and it was insane. SO many people! Well, there is a lot of people EVERYWHERE in Tokyo!